The village of Kuta; Remaining Indigenous Village in Ciamis

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The village of Kuta is the traditional village which still survive in Karangpaningal Village, Sub District Tambaksari Ciamis. This traditional village inhabited by communities which are based on local wisdom, culture holding pamali (taboos), to maintain the balance of nature and maintaining order live in a society. One of the prominent in terms of forest conservation, while maintaining sustainability springs and palm trees for the source of their lives.
Because of the high respect of the forest, Kuta Village residents who want to go into the forest never wore footwear. Purpose is to make these forests are not contaminated and remain stable. Therefore, wood - wood is still looking strong in Leuweung Gede. In addition, water sources are still well maintained.
Administratively, the village of Kuta in Ciamis District, District Tambaksari, precisely in the Village Karangpaningal. Kampong Kuta consists of 2 RW and RT 4. The village borders the village to the north Cibodas, Margamulya hamlet in the west, and south and east with Cijulang River, which once was the border area of West Java, Central Java.
To go to the village is the distance that must be taken from the town of Ciamis district about 34 km to the north. It can be achieved by using public transport cars to Sub Rancah. Rancah While the district uses a rented bike or OJEG, with the condition of the winding asphalt roads, and a fairly steep climb. Tambaksari If the district can use public transportation or OJEG, with similar road conditions.
Nyuguh Ceremony
Appropriate heritage, nyuguh event that should be done in Cijolang River directly adjacent to the Cilacap regency, Central Java. Once one-time event was held nyuguh, arrived - arrived the whole village got a disaster. Rice is ready to harvest severely damaged, while the number of cattle found dead flounder. Warga belief that the damage occurred because of "messenger" was not treated, Padjadjaran food. As a result they find their own food by disrupting the village.
The trip to the River about five miles Cijolang. Now, Mr. re-launch Kuncen any ritual.
Again offered a prayer before the meal citizens are available. After the prayer, all citizens and eat food brought from home. Typical foods that should be there every ceremony.
Nyuguh Ceremony is a traditional ritual Kuta Customary Village Kec. Tambaksari Ciamis district which is always held on the 25th of each year shapar..

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